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Commercial Cleaners Are Your Eyes and Ears

Commercial Cleaners Are Your Eyes and Ears

Even though we all like to say “We got this” let’s be honest… We all have our limitations. Imagine being a Facility Manager in charge of multiple buildings, all with massive square footage, all while dealing with multiple vendors. Sounds like a lot to manage, right!?

How powerful could it be, if that same Facility Manager could multiply him or herself?

At times, that’s exactly what’s required! Although we can’t magically multiply a great facility professional, one thing a great commercial cleaner can provide is added eyes and ears in all of your buildings. A qualified commercial cleaning company, one who has a strong cleaning crew with supervisors in-place, literally provides “boots on the ground” for any facility professional. This is often an overlooked added benefit of having a strong relationship with your janitorial partner.

High Quality and Efficient Cleaning Requires Two Things:

Cleaning Systems 

Here’s a great quote by James Clear “You don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems” That couldn’t be more thorough in the facility management space.

When you have a clean facility, you deal with less complaints and have less fires to put out. This should always be the focus for every facility professional. After doing hundreds of walk-throughs we’ve learned one thing: It’s rare when a company has a strong system to keep the facility clean. It’s all on the shoulders of the facility manager, tough! Also, it’s not common nor should be expected to have your Facility Director well versed in being a cleaning expert as well.

Let me share with you how we personally create productivity within our clients facilities and build a proactive approach.


Cleaning Supervision

Cleaning systems without the leadership to implement them, won’t be of much value. If you’re reading this make sure you have given your leadership the knowledge and tools to implement this successfully. Our supervisors are one of our secret weapons here at J&S. Let us give you a few ways you can empower your leadership for optimal cleaning success.

What can you do to empower leadership?

Commercial Cleaning Cross-Training  

In facility management there is one thing we all know – problems will arise. Cleaners missing work, not cleaning properly, or not communicating are common themes that a Facility Manager experiences. That is the last situation we want to put any facility professional through.

To get ahead of this we’ve implemented commercial cleaning cross-training across all of our employees to make sure that if the common call-in occurs, nothing affects the servicing of our clients facilities.

Strong (FUN) culture

Would you believe it if I told you we spend 33% of our life at work?  8-10 hours of our day is invested in our work, and how many people do you know that dread and hate showing up to work?

That’S not a way to live life OR a way to build a company!

When we hire we focus on personality and coachability. We’re building a team that matches the strengths and weaknesses of our current leadership to make sure we get stronger every hire.

We do company outings, themed days, community service, flexible PTO and so much more to keep our company culture strong.

Ask yourself: What can we do to create a great working environment?

Facility Managers shouldn’t worry, they should hire.

Facility Managers have to care for the facility from general cleaning to maintenance and any fires that come up daily. After talking to hundreds of facility managers we understand the stress, worry and anger they can experience when dealing with outside vendors. Not to mention a lot of them aren’t appreciated for all the hard work they do.

But when the facility is cleaned and running smoothly we’ve seen the happy, peaceful, and amazing side of facility professionals as well!

So if you finished reading this, I have an offer for you: We’ll exchange your worry for peace of mind. Does that sound like a good deal to you?

If you’re in need of janitorial or commercial cleaning help, fill out the form below and let us set up a time to EDUCATE you on the best way forward for your situation.