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Educating You Through The Commercial Cleaning Process

Educating You Through The Commercial Cleaning Process

We get it, it’s not everyday that you wake up and decide “Hey! It’s time for me to look into hiring a commercial cleaning company!” But, if you’re reading this, odds are you’re someone that has their hand in keeping your building clean in one way or another. And if that’s the case, then you KNOW how crucial it is to have a clean facility for both your employees and customers at all times…

Whether you’re looking for a one-time construction clean, or you need a daily deep clean for your office building, working with the right commercial cleaning company is the key. The big question is, how do you know if the cleaning company you’re about to hire is legit or not?

Red Flags to Watch For in the Commercial Cleaning Industry

Unfortunately, there’s a ton of janitorial companies out there that will try and win any new cleaning contract solely based on price. When this happens, the old saying tends to be true “you get what you pay for.” This doesn’t mean your cleaning budget needs to be a massive line item, it just means that any company you work with based on “lowest bid” always tends to have more of a risk factor involved. They work with smaller margins, often don’t compensate their employees well enough and the final cost can end up in the lack of results through your facility.

Hiring a cleaning company can take time, energy, and effort. To keep this process simple for you, here’s a list of a few red flags to look out for when hiring a new janitorial company.

  • Noticeably cheap on price. Key word here is “noticeably”. This isn’t to say every lowest bid is from a bad janitorial company, but as we stated before, lower bids can be a risk to your cleanliness results.
  • Companies that don’t treat their employees well. Simply put, ask about their employees through the interview process. Ask how long their longest employee has worked for them and what’s the average tenor of their employees. This will tell you a lot about a company. A good company culture will create longevity among cleaning employees.
  • Who’s your point of contact? This is critical. If and when problems arise, you need to understand who your point of contact will be, and what their process and expectations are when it comes to response time, problem solving and employee no-shows and issues. It’s also important to know if your point of contact will be your ONLY one, and if not, who to call when they are not available. Good commercial cleaning companies have these processes in-place.

It’s More Than Commercial Cleaning – It’s Education & Collaboration

A great way any legitimate cleaning company will stand out from other companies is to see how much emphasis they put on educating you through the walk-through process. Through this, they will point out gaps in your current cleaning, and with your feedback, collaboratively craft a cleaning plan that’s tailored to you. That’s right, a cleaning plan – although cleaning is straightforward, every facility is different and having a specific plan in-place, custom to you, is critical.

More so, many clients just don’t know what exactly they need. A great commercial cleaning company will educate you on EXACTLY what you need to keep your building clean and your employees and customers happy, and never complaining about the cleanliness of your building!

Commercial Cleaning With Values & Principles

Although we’re in the cleaning industry, at J&S Building Maintenance we very much know we’re in the people business and building strong trusting relationships is the best way to conduct business.

With a “safety first and quality always” mentality, every one of our employees understands the standard on how we conduct business, along with the expectation and impact they have on your building. Even if we are “just the cleaner” – because to us – we’re your cleaning partner and we take pride in that!

If you’re in need of janitorial or commercial cleaning help, fill out the form below and let us set up a time to EDUCATE you on the best way forward for your situation.