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How Commercial Cleaning Can Change Lives

How Commercial Cleaning Can Change Lives

Change is inevitable. Whether expected or unexpected, it is part of life. When you think of change most see the outside force, but change can also be initiated by us. After all the trials and tribulations here in J&S Building Maintenance we know that we are capable of creating CHANGE.

We set out to build a company that every time a client says YES to partnering with us, they are not only investing in a professional commercial cleaner but creating CHANGE in their business and in the world.

After working for years in these national cleaning companies we learned they see every commercial cleaner as a number, and not as a human that needs to get paid what they deserve. I couldn’t stand it but to influence change in a company of that size you have to move up the corporate ladder, and as a woman getting a seat at the table was hard.

What do you do when you don’t get a seat at the table? BUILD YOUR OWN THRONE.

After having the courage to leave them, I promised myself that as long as I was the CEO our employees will always be paid more than minimum wage & we will give opportunity to strong women & minorities.

J&S Building Maintenance is here to impact the world in 2 areas

  1. Pay and treat cleaners better
  2. Inspire more Women & Minorities to DO MORE; BE MORE.

If you’re thinking, “Carolina, you are building a business not changing the world?” That’s where you are wrong!

I’m sure you’ve heard of “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek, where he shares the key to building a memorable company is to start with Why, then How, and finally end with What you do. Referencing companies like Apple, Nike, & Google, Sinek speaks of the Golden Circle. (See below)

After learning from Sinek, we will forever stay true to this golden circle. Every client helps us change the world of a commercial cleaner and the cleaning world as a whole.

So, you might ask – how much change has actually been made?

As of 2022 we have been able to hire over 70 team members, cleaned over 67 companies, and supported non-profits like Colettes Childen’s home and Thomas House Family Shelter

If you’re reading this, and in a position to choose your commercial cleaning company or any vendor for that matter, choose one where your business creates CHANGE.