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How Often I Should Schedule My Office Cleaning?  

At J&S Building Maintenance Inc., we offer professional office cleaning services. With our many years of experience, many office owners often admit that they do not know how often they should get their offices professionally cleaned.

Of course, there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach to this. Your cleaning schedule will vary depending on several things, such as your operations and average traffic. This post will help you figure out how often you should schedule your office cleaning.

How Often Should You Clean Your Office? 


Cleaning your office is a necessity that you, as an office owner, cannot afford to neglect. Whether or not your business requires clients to visit, you and your employees require a clean space for maximum productivity.

The beauty of outsourcing to professional cleaners is that you’ll never have to worry about pausing your work and picking up the responsibility of cleaning. Still, your office needs different types of cleaning processes, each of which will determine when you need to hire professionals and if you can manage to do it in-house. In this blog post, we’ll divide office cleaning into 3 main types:

1. Basic Essential Cleaning – Daily Cleaning

Every day, you and your employees traverse your office floors, carrying files, attending meetings, picking up coffee, you name it. As with every space that is in active use, your daily activities will incur some essential cleanups. This will include minor tasks like cleaning the dishwasher, wiping down the coffeemaker, and tidying your desks.

2. Regular Cleaning  

In addition to the basic daily cleaning, some cleaning tasks will require attention at least a few times a week. Hiring professional cleaners who will take care of these tasks is more feasible.

They include vacuuming and mopping hard floors, wiping individual desktops, deep-cleaning appliances, and wiping down conference rooms. If you have low traffic in your office, this could be scheduled twice or once a week. The appropriate cleaning schedule would be at least three times a week for an office bustling with clients and workers.

3.  Thorough/Deep Cleaning – A Few Times A Year 

These are the cleaning tasks you have to leave to the professionals. Your office will always require deep cleaning, often the kind you may not be able to provide personally.

These tasks are usually tedious and take much longer than regular cleaning. They include carpet and upholstery cleaning, exterior and interior window cleaning, floor scrubbing, etc. schedule such professional cleaning tasks a few times a year again, which will vary based on the traffic and types of upholstery, appliances, and equipment you have in the office.

Other factors determining how often you schedule professional cleaning services include the size and type of your business. The type of work you do in your office matters. If your work is messier and requires much more cleaning or deeper cleaning, you’ll find that you need more commercial cleaning services.

For example, workplaces like hospitals, construction or furniture sites, daycares, and schools need daily cleaning. Corporate offices or places like car dealerships and law offices may only require cleaning a few times a week.

For bigger businesses with a larger employee base, you’ll need to schedule office cleaning a lot more frequently, and it would have to be done by professional cleaners. Neither you nor your employees would be able to thoroughly and effectively clean large office spaces. Professional cleaners are trained to handle larger and tougher spaces and have the knowledge to provide specific cleaning solutions.

Office cleaning services are essential for your employees’ and customers’ health and productivity. To have a clean and healthy office, you’ll need to assess your office’s specific needs and schedule a regular professional cleaning.

At J&S Building Maintenance Inc., we ensure that your office cleaning is in competent hands.

Our cleaning experts will help you choose the ideal office cleaning services to schedule for your company. To learn more about our office cleaning services, get in touch with us right away.