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What Is The Need For A Post-Construction Cleaning Service

What Is The Need For A Post-Construction Cleaning Service

Have you ever completed a home renovation or construction project and found yourself left with a total mess? Construction companies may do an excellent job of bringing your structural and architectural dreams to life before they finally turn over your keys. However, the work is never done until the post-construction cleanup is taken care of.

For the construction to be truly over and adequately done, construction cleaning is a significant part of the process that must not be left out. After all, you can’t move into a home with a new roof or new doors or windows if debris, wood, dust, and wood shavings are lying around within and outside your home. Here are ___ reasons you need a post-construction cleaning service.

Why Post-Construction?

The term “post-construction” implies that this cleaning occurs after the construction phase is completed. A building contractor may clean up debris after they’re done with their primary construction project, but in-depth cleaning is no longer part of their job description.

This type of cleaning is done from top to bottom, and it includes more than just sweeping the floor, washing the carpet and other obvious surfaces.

Items that may be overlooked during the general cleaning include stickers on walls, doors, mirrors, stains on the floor and walls, leftover materials lying around, accumulated trash, and uncleaned appliances and fixtures. Here are a few of the details cleaning needs that you’ll need to address post-construction:

  • Smudged, greasy, and dirty walls
  • Thorough wet and dry cleaning of ceilings and  appliances like fans, lights, fans, and heaters
  • Trim cleaning
  • Trash removal
  • Cleaning and shining of kitchen fixtures, sinks, mirrors
  • Removal of plastic stickers from furniture, doors, and windows
  • Intense, detailed vacuum cleaning
  • High-intensity washing and exterior-interior cleaning of windows and window frames
  • Professional floor cleaning and polishing – heavy stains from paints, grease, and other construction materials, cleaning out edges and corners
  • Threshold cleaning
  • Emptying and cleaning storage compartments like closets, cabinets, and shelves
  • Noting and bringing attention to possible safety hazards like nails, loose wires, and leaks
  • Routine final checking of the home from top to bottom to address dirt and potential safety hazards

J & S Building Maintenance, the Post-Construction Cleaning Service You Can Trust:

So, who do you call when the contractors are long gone? J & S Building Maintenance Inc. is a reliable and swift post-construction cleaning service company. We have over three decades of experience in the cleaning industry. We employ the expertise of flexible and brilliant professionals who work with a customer-friendly scheduling system and cleaning protocol.

Post-construction cleaning is backbreaking work that requires brilliant compartmentalization, scheduling, and skill. It often occurs via a thorough and detailed process of 3 phases. This process cannot be relegated to the construction company as it requires full time and attention and sometimes could take several days to complete.


As the name implies, this first stage involves the removal of large items and surface items such as debris, trash, leftover materials, and equipment lying around. Following the removal step, we will proceed to general sweeping and vacuuming.


This stage involves most of the work in the post-construction cleaning process. Our professional cleaners will pay close attention to every detail, cleaning out sinks, toilets, shelves, cabinets, windows, and other installed items. This stage involves a very thorough top-to-bottom of the entire space, including removing stickers on furniture and items like windows, glass, doors, and walls.


Before you finally move into your new space, we will conduct the final cleaning stage, where we go back in and touch up on our work. This stage ensures that nothing is left untouched and removes any dirt or debris that might have settled after the second stage.

Our services include:

  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Commercial janitorial services
  • Carpet deep cleaning
  • Floor polishing and power washing
  • Window and frame power washing
  • Day porter services
  • Thorough stripping and waxing for Vinyl compact tile floors (VCT floors)
  • COVID-19 disinfecting of homes and other buildings

J & S Building Maintenance, Inc is a 100% woman-owned janitorial services business. You can contact us at 833-463-0227 or pay us a visit at 7400 E Slauson Avenue, Unit 3W Commerce, California 90040. Your dream home awaits you.